How to Accept the Truth When Your Child Wants to Do a Same-Sex Marriage

Accepting the truth about your gay child’s marriage with a same sex person can be quite a big problem initially. The shock and perhaps some anger can make you feel miserable as you had notions about your son. You had a difficult task accepting your child was gay earlier, and now, you have to battle with the idea that he would marry another man.

It goes against your idea of marriage and the very shock and disbelief that greeted you when you first came to know about your child’s sexual orientation, would surface again. You know very well how society views gays and their relationships. And marriage is something that is most stigmatized by society, still at odds with the issue. The recent Proposal 8 in the United States would make lives more difficult for gay and lesbians and all same sex marriages.

Nearly half the states in the US are against same sex marriage and gay relationships. It s only a few states where they are legal and rights are given to gay couples to also adopt children. But it dies not get easier that way as there can be discrimination at every level. Right form the child adoption agencies to the home owners, gay couples can find the going tough and loaded against them.

These may figure in your mind when you are faced with accepting the truth about your gay son’s marriage. It does not end with you accepting another boy or man who would share his life with your son. But doesn’t the same thing happen in heterosexual marriages? There are misunderstandings and fights in any relationship. Your child was born that way and being gay is not his overall personality, but a very small fraction of it.

It is quite natural that he would marry some time in his life as like heterosexuals of his age. He too is attracted and inclined to romance. But unlike them, his attraction is only toward members of his own sex. How can you deny him the only way that he could be happy and start a family? Don’t you think he has the same intensity of romance? If you know he is perfectly normal, then you should easily accept the truth. His future lies in marrying another gay person.

You may not have got on well with your daughter in law if you had a straight child or may not have liked your son’s choice. In a gay marriage, similar problems can arise, but they are not gay marriage specific. It is the need to accept the truth for your gay child’s sake as it is his life. He has to be happy and his happiness is what you, as a parent, can hope for and support.